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Welcome to David Pieris Group of Companies

David Pieris Group of Companies, recognising the need to move with the times, has redefined its role and leveraged its strengths to reap the maximum of emerging opportunities and foster innovation, improvement and growth.

Having made its mark in the automotive industry, David Pieris Group has taken its legacy to new heights by diversifying into financial services, logistics, IT and sustainable agriculture. Together the companies represent a galaxy of stars, nurturing each other and strengthening the Group portfolio. Today the David Pieris Group is widely recognised and trusted across the country for having raised the standards of how Sri Lankans live and work.

The culture of professionalism and positive thinking within the Group has enabled it to take on new challenges, with the continued commitment to maintaining uncompromising quality and outstanding value.

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05th June 2016

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01st June 2016

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25th May 2016

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25th May 2016

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