With a footprint across the globe, Bajaj Motorcycles’ guiding philosophy combines international standards of quality, technology, and style



Now PLATINA 100 ES comes with a distinctive look with Stylish LED DRL. Its graphite tint engine, transmitter with a black silencer and the chrome heat shield give it a robust yet modern appearance. Its list of stylish features goes on to include an improved superior bright chrome finish, fade free paint

Brand : Bajaj Model : Platina Price : LKR 223,950.00
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Boxer 100

Created to ride on the most punishable roads in the world, Boxer 100 is an accessible commuter bike for intra city travel as well as longer journeys. A bike that is as strong as it is fuel efficient. As comfortable as it is reliable. No wonder, it is one of the most preferred bikes across the globe.

Brand : Bajaj Model : Boxer Price : LKR 192,950.00
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Bajaj CT 100

A feature filled motorcycle that proves its efficiency on the roads. A bike combined with reliability, ruggedness and everyday practicality in a classic look to offer stunning mileage of 89.6 (as per ARAI testing) and power.

Brand : Bajaj Model : CT 100 Price : LKR 204,950.00
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Platina ES has been designed to achieve maximum fuel efficiency with the convenience of modern features. What Platina ES delivers for its riders is a unique combination of mileage and smart biking features coupled with attractive graphics, alloy wheels, solid build, SNS suspension and its most unique

Brand : Bajaj Model : Platina Price : LKR 221,950.00
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A bike that takes away the monotony of the everyday ride with its thoughtful features and new design philosophy. Discover 100 is a bike meant for those who seek power and mileage out of their ride. Are you one of them? Then Discover 100 is the bike for you.

Brand : Bajaj Model : Discover Price : LKR 219,950.00
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Turn on the ignition of a Bajaj Discover 125. Remember, you are going to get two things: unexpected power and no compromises on mileage. Take a closer look at Discover 125. Notice its new design. The style it embodies. Go a little deeper – witness Bajaj’s patented technologies at work. Now, grab the

Brand : Bajaj Model : Discover Price : LKR 268,500.00
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Bajaj V 12

Bajaj V is the first of its kind solid commuter bike, it’s a feeling of owning a legacy, owning a part of something that shaped history. It’s more than just another bike, it’s the feeling you can own, but never quite describe.

Brand : Bajaj Model : V Price : LKR 277,900.00
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Avenger 150 Street

Ride on air with the Avenger 150. Designed keeping in mind both city and highway riders, it is the perfect machine for those who are new to leisure cruising. The latest variant of the Avenger upholds all the qualities and features that have made the brand one of the most popular city cruisers.

Brand : Bajaj Model : Avenger Price : LKR 359,600.00
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Dominar 400

The magnificent machine; meant to take on whatever the road throws at it. A macho ride full of gut-wrenching power, pure ruggedness and the ultimate in safety standards. Go ahead, unleash your inner beast.

Brand : Bajaj Model : Dominar Price : LKR 990,000.00
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Pulsar 135

If you ever wanted to anoint yourself into the world of sports biking, there’s no better bike than Pulsar 135 that helps you do that. The world’s first 4 valve DTSi engine, which provides greater power and can be revved to greater RPMs without causing the slightest strain to the engine. It boasts a

Brand : Bajaj Model : Pulsar Price : LKR 302,780.00
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A bike that asserts every rider’s passion for biking by bringing all the features in this single thrill machine. Pulsar 150 is meant for the rider who seeks adventure every day.

Brand : Bajaj Model : Pulsar Price : LKR 337,950.00
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The Pulsar NS 160 stands out with an aggressive and sporty look. An aggressive front with a muscular tank bearing a cool ‘160’ design on the side gives this Pulsar’s style a new dynamic. The underbelly exhausts gives it a lean, sleek look that accentuates the iconic Naked Sport family.

Brand : Bajaj Model : Pulsar Price : LKR 388,300.00
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