Genuine Spare Parts

Now you can conveniently shop for Bajaj Genuine Spare part kits for 2w, 3w, QUTE, KTM and also for Bajaj Genuine oil at our Spare parts e-Shop from the comfort of your home. The Spare parts e-Shop is an initiative of DPMC Parts & Accessories Division to enhance customer convenience and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Visit and select from a range of Spare parts & accessories to suit your requirement.

We ensure  availability of genuine spare parts for all Bajaj vehicles through our spare parts & accessories outlets and dealer network island wide. Genuine Bajaj spare parts are identifiable by the Baby Elephant Logo and the DPMC hologram sticker  which assure customers of its genuineness. Customers can further confirm the authenticity of the products by scratching the bottom of the hologram sticker and texting the number that appears to +94 (0) 77-7665577