Sustainable Economic Growth

Certification awarded by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) for compliance with Quality Management System requirements at Facilities Complex I, Facilities Complex II, Facilities Complex IV, Ranna Manufacturing Complex as well as Corporate Headquarters at Hyde Park Corner and City Office at Battaramulla.

Being A Responsible Company

DPMC attributes its considerable success to the values and ethics that have been inculcated in the manner in which they do business. Be it in ensuring the highest quality levels in the assembly or production of their goods and services, accessibility to after sales service or providing road safety and driver training.

Supporting the Community

As a company that caters to the mass market, especially in rural areas, DPMC strives to uplift the lives of the communities they engage in business with. It is their utmost and firm belief that giving back to society not only ensures the long term sustainability of their community, but is enriching as well.

DPMC is also concerned about the younger generation and are constantly lending their hands in areas of improvement by enabling young people to gain a good education through their scholarship scheme and infrastructure development programs in rural schools.

While their primary focus is on child welfare, the company also identifies and selects other segments of society that require financial support. These include individuals, charities, and institutions that provide support to the elderly and less able bodied, including service personnel and war veterans who, post the civil war, require special care and assistance in their daily lives.

CSR Initiatives

Empowering Women through Technical Training' programme.
Empowering Women through Technical Training' programme.