Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS

Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS

Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS

Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS comes with Fuel Injection (FI) and ABS braking system.

The Fuel injection unit has an electrical pump which is pressurized so that the fuel can be injected easily and with force to make sure the amount of fuel is accurate. The pressure helps in atomizing the fuel which allows to sensor the accurately calculate the fuel amount.

And ABS refers to Anti-lock Braking System, which is a safety feature to avoid skidding of vehicles. It works by stopping the wheels from locking up while braking, thus maintaining tractive contact with the surface of the road.

People admire the power it produces along with the controlling and braking power it offers. NS stand for Naked Street fighter version, which allows the rider to sit straight and to get comfortable riding position.

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