Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles

Pulsar – the sports bike that gives every aspiring rider the power to play. The bike that answers the need to seek thrill and adventure every single day. A bike that has become a symbol of the biker’s individuality.

Pulsar 135

If you ever wanted to anoint yourself into the world of sports biking, there’s no better bike than Pulsar 135 that helps you do that. The world’s first 4 valve DTSi engine, which provides greater power and can be revved to greater RPMs without causing the slightest strain to the engine.

Brand : Bajaj Price : LKR 305,100.00
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A bike that asserts every rider’s passion for biking by bringing all the features in this single thrill machine. Pulsar 150 is meant for the rider who seeks adventure every day.

Brand : Bajaj Price : LKR 340,950.00
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The Pulsar NS 160 stands out with an aggressive and sporty look. An aggressive front with a muscular tank bearing a cool ‘160’ design on the side gives this Pulsar’s style a new dynamic. The underbelly exhausts gives it a lean, sleek look that accentuates the iconic Naked Sport family.

Brand : Bajaj Price : LKR 390,600.00
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Pulsar 180

Pulsar 180 has been designed to surge ahead while proving its technological acumen. A renowned bike that has been a part of the Pulsar stable since its inception in 2001. It has been consistently winning immense appreciation for its solid, muscular looks and power packed performance.

Brand : Bajaj Price : LKR 388,850.00
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Pulsar NS200 takes your Pulsar experience to an all new level. A bike crafted for seeking adventure every day. Combined with the World’s 1st 4 Valve, Triple Spark DTSi Engine, Pulsar NS200 is designed to thrill with its superior technology and street fighter looks.

Brand : Bajaj Price : LKR 451,900.00
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Pulsar RS 200

Ever attained the nirvana of speeding on an open highway? Ever felt what’s it’s like to be top of the food chain? You will now. Experience a surge of adrenaline when you throttle up a Pulsar RS 200. For those who never give up until the last mile. For those who leave a mark on every turn

Brand : Bajaj Price : LKR 579,950.00
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